Sacred Mandala Wall Decal

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  • A mandala is a Sanskrit term for a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos, a microcosm of the universe. In Jungian psychology a mandala is €œa symbol used to reunify the self€œ. The origin of a sacred geometry mandala is the center, the €œseed€ù. It€™s the gathering center in which outside energies are drawn, and in the act of drawing the forces, the artist€™s own energies unfold. Thus it represents outer and inner spaces. Its purpose is to remove the object- subject dichotomy.  The circles drawn around the outside stand for the dynamic consciousness of the initiated. The center is visualized as the essence and the circumference as grasping, thus mandala means grasping the essence.

    This Mandala Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker would be a great accent for your home or office.

  • The sticker size is approximately 22.05"x22.83" (56cmx58cm).
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